20 ways to use a steam cleaner (and some may just surprise you!)

picture of a steam mop being used to clean a window

Steam cleaners have revolutionised the way in which we undertake our chores and have empowered homeowners in getting tougher jobs done more quickly than ever before.

And they’re seriously versatile too, from the most time consuming of scrubbing through to the toughest of stains that may never have come out, today they make our homes look super shiny and seriously grime free.

In fact, they’re so versatile that the average steam cleaner user doesn’t even realise just how much their handy appliance is capable of, so in this guide we run you through the 20 uses for your previously under-appreciated steam cleaner.


  1. Tiles and the grimy grout that may lay between them

Tiles and grout used to be a job that took all day to clean, down upon your knees with only a toothbrush and hard-core cleaning substance for back-up. Now it’s a breeze with a blast of hot steam every couple of months or so.

  1. The dirtiest of dog crates

Dog crates are probably one of the dirtiest areas of the home, so blast yours with a steam cleaner each week.

  1. Tackling the most minging of litter boxes

Litter boxes may fare even worse than dog crates, so be sure to tackle yours when you undertake your week’s chores.

  1. Going all out to make your clothes crease free once more

Many owners don’t even realise this but a steam cleaner can rid your garments of wrinkles in 2 seconds flat!

  1. De-crinkling bedding

New bedding is the undisputed nightmare of wrinkles. However with a steam cleaner you need only give it a quick blast and hey presto! Ready for the bed in 2 minutes!

  1. Overcoming grease-laden oven doors

Oven doors may be one of the most commonly put-off chores of all, with many homes being almost unable to see through their door at all. Steam cleaners can cut through this thick grease with a fifteen minute application.

  1. Bringing your outdoor areas up to shine

Steaming patios, cleaning seating and decks can take as little as 30 minutes, but can make a huge difference to their tired appearance (as well as sanitising them for the new season).

  1. Sanitising the most chewed of stuffed animals

Every child has their favourite stuffed animal or toy, and no longer will you need to whisk it away for a half hour washing machine cycle. Instead just give it a blast with a steamer.

  1. Steaming off those kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops can be rinsed down and steamed for a super shiny look that’s completely sanitised (as well as chemical free!).

  1. Giving your car interior a quick makeover

Cigarette smells? Children’s vomit? Unaccountable smell from a previous owner? Whatever the issue a thorough interior blast with steam cleaner and a two hour airing will do the trick.

  1. Those outfits that love to get stubborn wrinkles

Any outfit with a stubborn wrinkle can be ‘going out ready’ within a few seconds with a single blast of steam.

  1. Working wonders on windows

Windows can be brought up to shine with nothing more than a handheld steam cleaner and a leather shammy.

  1. Being completely at home in the bathroom

There is no job, and I mean no job, that steam cleaners can’t tackle in the bathroom.

  1. Going to town on your curtains and drapes

Curtains and drapes make for a big task to tackle when you have a whole home to clean, however a weekly steam can keep yours looking and smelling fresh until a spring clean wash.

  1. Upping the look of your upholstery

No longer do sofas need to be damaged by chemicals or scrubbing motions, and gone are the days where carpets needed all sorts applied to rid them of stains. Steam cleaners are super-kind to all sorts of upholstery.

  1. Going for gold for gleaming glass showers

Shower doors used to demand specialist glass cleaner, at least two cloths and plenty of elbow grease. Now just a steam mop and a tea towel will do!

  1. BBQ Grills: Making food taste far better

BBQ grills can look pretty grim come the next summer, so blast yours for food that tastes even better and doesn’t scare your guests.

  1. Freshening up any old rug or carpet

Rugs and carpets can be freshened up in no time. A weekly blast ensures that they stay looking fresh as well as being completely bug free.

  1. Ridding smelly shoes of their stink

Trainers and the everyday shoe can really be the home of decidedly unfriendly bacteria, so zap yours every once in a while for fresh, bug free shoes!

  1. Everything!

So if you haven’t guessed by now, steam cleaners can work wonders on just about anything and everything within the home!


If you don’t own one yet take a look at our Best Buys here and start your steam-cleaning love affair today…

Happy steam cleaning!


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