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BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop 23B6E
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Review Summary:

A multi-function mop, which performs well in mop and handheld mode. A bit more expensive than some, but the extra price tag is justified as it cleans a multitude of surfaces efficiently. It's easy to use and durable. A hard to beat all-rounder.

This Bissell Steam Mop is priced towards the top end of the market. Is it worth it?

The answer depends a bit on what you are looking for in a steam cleaner. This mop is multi-function – a floor mop with a detachable steam cleaning pod. The separate cleaner can tackle almost any hard surface in the home – shower screens, baths, sinks, wall tiles, counter tops, hobs, ovens and barbecues. The consensus is that its a good floor mop and an efficient hand held cleaner, and if you are looking for both of these functions then you should give this model serious consideration. It was generally felt that the extra cost was justified by the overall performance.

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The mop itself is an attractive design. It is lightweight and manoeuvres well on use. Customers liked the variable steam setting, which gave good user control. It was commented though, that on a high steam setting, you had to be careful not to flood the floor. Two mop heads are supplied and these were agreed to be good quality, and to wash well. They have tiny bristles on them for extra cleaning power. The mop pad is rectangular, not triangular like some models, so it doesn’t tackle corners with as much ease as some. This was felt to be a fairly minor point though, and the 60 degree swivel held seemed to cope with most nooks and crannies.

The mop made short work of most dirt and spills on floors. Like most models, it couldn’t completely remove sticky residue from the floor – but it had a good try. Users reported that their floor tiles, in particular, looked cleaner and shinier than ever before. The 7.6m cord meant it could mop a big area without the hassle of unplugging. It’s a bit of a disappointment that the model doesn’t come with a carpet glide attachment, which means that its not really suitable for use on carpets. With a model of this price, this could have been included.

The handheld pod comes with a number of attachments: window squeegee, grout brush, two circular brushes and a flat pad. The cleaning power of the handheld device was generally agreed to be fairly impressive. It stood out as being very good on glass – with users saying that it easily removed streaks and chemical build up on shower screens and windows. It was good on grout as well, changing grey to white again. A barbecue was de-greased very efficiently, as were ovens. The pod cleaned upholstery well and was also good at de-creasing clothes and removing odours from fabric. The attachments were felt to be very versatile and lent themselves to a multitude of tasks. Users also liked the detachable shoulder strap for the pod.

The mop heats up in about 15-20 seconds and produces about 20 minutes of steam. The steam flow was good throughout the usage. A particularly good feature is the replaceable water purification filter, which removes limescale and harsh minerals from tap water, as it fills.

The higher price is perhaps reflected in the durability of the product. Customers reported it still produced a good steam after many uses and its robust build meant that it lasted well. This is undoubtedly a good mop – but there are other good mops on the market which are cheaper. If you are looking for a multi-function with a handheld cleaner built in though, then this model is hard to beat for performance, ease of use and durability.

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Good on multi surfaces
Cuts through grease
Internal water purification filter
Long power cord
Good on glass
Sturdy and durable


No carpet glider attachment

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