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Morphy Richards Luna Plus
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  • Morphy Richards Luna Plus
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  • Last modified: May 4, 2016
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Review Summary:

If you are looking for a steam mop that does more than just steam floors, then this model from Morphy Richards is a great purchase. This machine works wonders on hard floors and it will even get your carpets looking better. Beyond that, you also have the range of functions that come with the portable steamer and attachments. This steam mop is a little pricey, but it does provide performance and features that reflect the price.

A good steam cleaner will make so many cleaning jobs easier and improve upon the results that you are getting. When you have a model like the Morphy Richards 720507 Luna Plus steam mop, you get an effective floor-cleaning machine that can turn into a portable steamer for greater cleaning versatility. With a range of attachments and 1600-watts of power, this is a machine that will change the way you clean your home.

The primary reason that most consumers will buy this model is for its floor cleaning abilities and most people will be very satisfied with the mopping and carpet cleaning functions. The steam breaks down grime and dirt to get hard floors looking great and it handles very easily as you do the job. It also comes with the additional feature of having a vibrating head to help the user remove dirt from surfaces.

For carpets, this machine will clean and definitely make them look better, but its carpet cleaning abilities are limited. It has a special carpet glider pad that moves fairly well as you use it to refresh the carpets, but the machine really only cleans the surface and makes the carpet look better. If you want a thorough carpet cleaning, then you need to get an actual rug scrubber. However, the steam can help you to clean carpets if you do it by hand. The steam can loosen up dirt and stains that you can then scrub away with a brush.

The Luna Plus also breaks down into a portable steam cleaner to allow the user to clean a range of different surfaces and objects. On this end, it is a bit heavy, but it does come with a strap that makes it easier to handle in the portable mode. You get a range of attachments and brushes for cleaning counters, upholstery, windows, the barbeque grill, bathroom fixtures and more. It really makes a lot of jobs that you usually do by hand a whole lot easier.

In regard to additional features, the user also gets the vibrating head that was mentioned above. The vibration can be turned on or off depending on the need. It also has lighting to illuminate the cleaning path, variable steam settings and a light-up control panel.

This machine is also good when it comes to getting it ready for use and for maintenance. The water tank fills easily and once you have it turned on, the steam mop is heated in about half a minute. You get up to 17-minutes of cleaning depending on the setting. You have low, medium and high with the low setting offering the longest cleaning time. For maintenance, all you really need to do is wash the pads occasionally and they are machine washable, so it isn’t even really that much of a hassle.

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Provides great results on hard floors
Gets carpets looking nice
The steam disinfects surfaces while you clean
Variable steam settings
The portable cleaner adds versatility
Comes with a full set of accessories
Vibrating head for extra cleaning power
The floor head lights up for better visibility
Easy to use and easy to care for
2-year guarantee from the manufacturer


You have to use distilled water because this machine does not have any anti-scaling features

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