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Vax S7 2
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  • Vax S7 2
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  • Last modified: May 10, 2016
  • Build Quality
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    Editor: 88%
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    Editor: 88%
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  • Value for Money
    Editor: 87%

Review Summary:

For cleaning and disinfecting hard floors, this machine provides first-rate results. It gets the job done with steam alone, so you do not even need to resort to buying harsh cleansers. With the additional abilities to work on carpets and detach as a handheld, the Vax S7 is also very versatile. The consumer gets solid value for their money because you get good results on a range of different jobs and it comes at a low price.

The Vax S7 2-in-1 steam mop is a floor care tool that really has a lot to offer. It is a fairly simple device to operate and the user can have it ready to go in just a minute or two. It effectively cleans floors with the use of steam and a handheld cleaner detaches from the unit for a range of other steaming tasks. With its 1600-watts of power and multi-purpose design, it provides a great solution for so many different cleaning jobs.

As a steam mop, this machine is a real winner. It is easy to use and lightweight. The water tank is easy to fill and it heats up in less than half a minute. The high-temperature steam will kill most common forms of bacteria and allergens and you do not even need detergents for this mop to do its job.

The machine provides its best performance when it is working on hard floors. It does well on everything from hard wood to laminates and tile. The Vax S7 does have the ability to clean carpets and it does offer good results, but you do not get quite the same level of glide on the carpet as you would on a hard surface. In addition to that, it makes the job much easier if you vacuum before running the steam mop on a carpeted surface.

The Vax S7 steam mop is lightweight and compact, so it is easy to handle. The head turns and pivots nicely in the upright mode and the handheld can be used with one hand for almost every job. The user is not going to find this machine to be awkward and it does not require a lot of effort to clean with.

The detachable handheld is also really nice. It comes with an array of tools that allow the user to do a range of different jobs. You can clean counters, the hob, windows, furniture and much more. It isn’t really designed to be an upholstery or carpet scrubber, but the steam can effectively remove stains and discolouration from carpet and upholstered surfaces.

The machine operates for about 12-minutes on a full tank of water. This should be enough time for most jobs, but there are machines that offer more time. The limited operating time is one of the few negative things that could be said about this machine.

As far as the quality of the workmanship goes, this machine seems to be very well made. If you provide it with the basic care, it should last for years and Vax does back this model up with a 2-year limited warranty.


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Easy to set up and gets started
Heats up quickly
No need to use detergents
Easily converts into a handheld
Comes with a range of tools
Effectively cleans floors and surfaces with high-temperature steam
Lightweight and portable
Long 8m power cord
Comes with an accessory bag


12-minutes will allow you enough time to do most jobs, but you can find machines that offer a longer operating time
Don’t expect this machine to be a carpet scrubber. It does clean and disinfect carpets and it will remove some forms of discolouring, but some stains and messes may require a genuine carpet scrubber with motorised brushes.

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